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Whether you're 8 or 80, you want the world to work for you.
Also when travelling!”


Customer experience

Precondition for your competitiveness
Regardless of age, personal and physical characteristics, consumers today have high expectations of the customer experience. It should be individual, relevant and comfortable. Brands giving people a feeling of appreciation and meeting their individual wishes and requirements are preferred. Everyone knows this from own experience as a customer.

See the world from the perspective of potential customers.
For you as a service provider it is very important to know the behaviour and interests of different target groups and to serve them in marketing. Because customer satisfaction is not only created by your service itself, but already in the decision-making process, at the PoS and in all contacts with a brand/with the company. This is where requirements for universal design and accessibility gain clear decision relevance.
Senioren mit Rollator auf Messe Personengruppe mit Rollstuhlfahrerin Mutter mit Kinderwagen
Win new customers, keep existing ones.

Concider: “The new once will be the old”
Because demographic change is happening here and now. It has a massive impact on the travel market.

User comfort for all guests

Have you already taken action?
Hotels are increasingly investing in accessible facilities.
Marketing them to target groups, however, presents most businesses with difficulties because they lack precise knowledge about the expectations of impaired travellers.

Consequence: The communication of the offers is often insufficient, contradictory and misses the customer's wishes. This causes frustration, uncertainty, negative evaluations and – involuntarily – abandonment of bookings.
For the guest, reliable information about accessible offers and services is a key factor.

Optimise your customer centricity,
profit from
Sales potential of
158 million EU citizens
with mobility impairment.
People with mobility impairments know their own requirements best and expect transparent information for their travel planning in order to avoid unexpected obstacles.
The note “Accessible on request” causes maximum displeasure. Equally unhelpful are statements reduced to wheelchair pictograms or statements like “Disabled rooms available”.

Increase your return on investment through optimised customer approach
Make it easy for interested parties to find suitable offers from your portfolio. Personalized search options and meaningful content increase booking rates and reduce manual processing.

Lack of digitisation causes avoidable costs
Hotels of all sizes still operate with very cumbersome, analogue processes based on inapplicable assumptions when dealing with customers with access needs. Their communication strategy is hardly internationally oriented, error-prone and not very efficient.

You can do better!

As an accessibility specialist, act supports you with digital tools and the right content for customised marketing.

We know from our own extensive experience what information handicapped travellers need. With our app factcollect you can collect the relevant data for a target group-oriented addressing in all sales channels.