Knowledge is power
“If something does not work, do something different!”
(Paul Watzlawick, Philosoph)
Act with act.
As accessibility experts, we support hotels, tour operators, online travel agents, GDS, etc. in optimising their offers and communication in the field of accessible tourism. We develop future-oriented concepts and accessibility content strategies for you.

Our customers receive valuable first-hand information about the wishes and needs of travellers with mobility impairments. This special knowledge distinguishes us from traditional consulting companies and provides you with a special added value.

We are lateral thinkers and act with passion – holistic, user-oriented and flexible. We like to think outside the box, in search of new ideas. Our offer is aimed at forward-looking companies with a spirit of discovery for new markets, who want to expand their (leading) position and always want to be one step ahead.

Therefore we offer you the following measures and service packages.

Start now into the future with act. Talk to us without obligation about planned projects and change processes. We will show you possibilities to prepare your company for the demographic change.


Offer, Communikation, Service

Target group:
  • Accommodation Providers
  • Tour Operators
  • Online Travel Agencies
  • Tourism Associations etc.
Why do travel prospects with access needs complain about a lack of information on suitable offers?
Why do existing offers often not achieve the desired degree of utilization and are treated as a marginal issue by management?

We deliver individual answers.
act checks your offer, equipment details of hotels and holiday homes as well as the accommodation and travel marketing in online and print media from the perspective of customers with impairments.
Are all necessary features and information available? Are they communicated in all channels in a target group-oriented manner?
How easily can the customer book your offer?

The results of our strengths/weaknesses analysis will surprise you!

“Accessibility Communi­kation”

Strategies for Online and Print Media, PoS

Target group
  • Accommodation Providers
  • Tour Operators
  • Online Travel Agencies
  • Tourism Associations etc.
  • Sustainable process improvement through target group-specific content in distribution systems, intranet or similar interfaces
  • Service advantages for employees at the PoS/in call centers
  • Additional knowledge for travel agents
  • Higher consulting quality and customer loyalty
Communikation Strategies
Why do “disabled-friendly” offers usually lead a shadowy existence in tourism marketing?

Holidaymakers with mobility impairments want to be able to book accommodations and travels via the mainstream channels. However, visiting online platforms or local travel agencies seldom leads to the desired result, because concept developers and consultants/service staff are not really familiar with the customers’ requirements.
Only by target group-oriented marketing in all media and channels you can profit from the increasing demand for accessible offers. Give the prospective customer the feeling of appreciation and understanding of his wishes.
A key success factor here is the conception and implementation of specific content.

act provides the necessary know-how. Together with your specialist departments, we develop a tailor-made strategy to make your offer attractive to everyone. In this way, you can convince the fastest-growing group of guests of the future today.
Special Knowledge PTD
Pre-contractual information requirements for travellers with mobility impairments

Many package travel providers use auxiliary constructions to evade the legal requirements. Problem:
These are apparent solutions that can become a legal boomerang.

Instead of trust and appreciation, companies are thus sending an extremely negative message.

Do it better - choose the transparent way. Offer facts instead of fake.
act explains to you what is important. We also support you in the developing of new info functions to extend your IT solutions.

Mystery Shopping

Practice test Accessible Offers

Target group:
  • Accommodation Providers
  • Tour Operators
  • Online Travel Agencies
  • Tourism Associations etc.
By means of offer checks, enquiries and test bookings of “accessible” hotel or travel offers (in travel agencies and online) we check their real suitability for guests with mobility impairments.

In agreement with the customer, we define individual test criteria within the relevant subject areas
  • Variety of offers, presentation, quantity and quality of information, booking process
  • Determination of the information capability of your employees by asking relevant questions (online, telephone, travel agency)
  • Facilities + services of “barrier-free” accommodation
You will receive written feedback including photo documentation and we will show you strengths and potential for improvement from a stakeholder perspective.


Communication and Photo-Coaching

Target group:
  • Employees from PoS
  • Field service
  • Content management
  • Marketing
Make employees in key positions fit for the topic of “accessibility” in order to win new customer groups.
Target: Prospective customers receive relevant and reliable information that they need for their purchase decision.In the consultation and at the travel destination they experience appreciation and a pleasant stay, on which they are happy to report.
act provides you with basic knowledge and valuable details on the topics of “Accessibility”, “Universal Design” and travel with a handicap. Using examples of the perspective of customers with mobility impairments, we explain what information they need to plan their travel successfully.

In the additional module “Photo Coaching” you will also learn how to present information on accessibility in a user-friendly, up-to-date and visually appealing way on your website and in other advertising media.

Implementation of accessibility

Environment Adaptations, equipment, services

Target group:
  • Accommodation Providers
  • Holiday Home and -apartment Landlords
  • Flat and House Owners
Nowadays, accessibility is no longer just a comfort feature. Especially in view of demographic change, barrier-free facilities and corresponding services are a competitive advantage.
However, accessibility is often implemented only half-heartedly, so that it is not fully suitable for people with disabilities. Unclear terms such as “low barrier” or “disabled-friendly” go the rounds.
However, disabilities or mobility impairments are as diverse as people. An optimal environmental adaptation for one person may be problematic for another.

act will check your equipment and make suggestions for the best possible implementation. In many cases, only minor adaptations or alterations are necessary to achieve a significant improvement in accessibility.
Together with you and/or your architect, we develop concepts for your accommodation (holiday flat or holiday home) or your private home and develop further services for travellers with mobility impairments.

The best implementation of accessibility is reflected in "Design for all", as this is the implementation of universal and suitable equipment for everyone. This also means increased comfort for people without disabilities.
We ensure that your investment in the future is meaningful.

In addition, we also advise and support you in the market-driven communication and distribution of your optimised accessibility.